Building Project Management in Houston AND THE BAY AREA

Strang Project Management Services – About us.


SPMS is a professional service company, wholly owned by Warner Strang.  His resume is given to the right.


The project management world has become flexible enough that we can form teams for any project that consist of the right people and skills for each assignment, at the right time, with colleagues who have experience and trust together.  It is a far more powerful path than a large faceless company.


In each of our assignments our client needs different things.  Many have strong staff resources, and simply need one additional skill or service.  Others are first time owners, and need a complete list of skills to perform the basic functions of owners of buildings.  We form teams to meet each need.


This site lists the projects Warner Strang has managed as a part of the individual project team, not including those done by a larger group he managed.  Then it lists the basic services we perform.  Then we have a sampling of the analyses, newsletters, while papers, and articles we have produced over the years, using the data from our 40 years of projects.  Finally there is a way to contact us, ask a question, or request a proposal.